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“Chiara is an intuitive and caring hypnotherapist who is also extremely intelligent and creative in how she works with each client. She recognizes that each person, each soul, is unique.  Chiara responds to her clients' needs for change, transformation, and healing in inspired ways, guiding them with a deft and gentle hand each step of the way toward their goals. My sessions with Chiara helped me open to new possibilities in my life and career, to see my true potential, and to have an inspired confidence in myself. Thank you, Chiara, for helping me open new doors within myself.”

- Kathy, CA

“I just wanted to say Hello and 'thank you' once again for the wonderful 'grounding' session you did for me!  You know whenever I start to feel a little out of balance, I visualize our session and it brings me right back!  

You are such a gifted, wonderful, caring, and focused hypnotherapist!”

- MB, AZ

"I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Chiara. Before my QHHT session with her I had many questions, curiosities, and struggles which I felt were a barrier to my spiritual evolvement and life path. By the end of the session, every single one of those issues or questions had been resolved or answered. I have been blessed and surprised every single day by the clarity and synchronicity occurring in my life since working with her. Understanding myself on a deeper level has helped me link in to the universe in ways I didn't think possible. These sessions are divinely inspired without a doubt.

My regression was truly an incredible experience. Chiara, ever the compassionate professional, was extremely informative, warm and reassuring and through the entire experience I always felt safe. The actual regression was revealing, insightful, and multilayered. When I listened to the recording, any doubts I had about the authenticity of my responses were totally removed.  Chiara’s ability to guide me through the past life experience was nothing short of phenomenal!

Now month later, my life is completely changed from this experience, which has opened up a new avenue for my spiritual evolution."

"I've gone through hypnosis before, but Chiara was able to bring me into a state I'd never been. The session was life changing, with very powerful knowledge coming from my own higher self that I'll be able to apply forever. Chiara is really good at asking the right questions, and keeping you in that perfect spot between being awake and being asleep. She's by far the best regressionist I've ever been to. Getting a digital recording of the session was a huge bonus. I've listened several times, and even transcribed the session, getting more out of it every time I listen. I recommend a session with Chiara to anyone, whether it be for dealing with life's problems or just plain curiosity. There's no way you won't walk away looking at your life in a whole new way.

Much blessings and love to Chiara!!

And may the universe guide and bless her in any way and all!!!

With much love,”

- Anna H, Dallas Texas.

“Chiara is a welcoming and effective Hypnotherapist. Chiara creates a comfortable and safe environment to go as deep as one is willing to explore within.   Chiara is also very intuitive and this is a bonus when considering goals, or when you are at a fork in the road, and want to consider your journey, think out loud with one who can provide wise counsel.  Chiara is also very discerning and this skill is something that comes with great practice and well rounded experience that truly complements her hypnotherapy services.   I am grateful to have found Chiara and would recommend her to those who want to explore and discover more about themselves, their life path and the experiences they have manifested to date”.

-  SM

Thank you for helping me deal with years of fears and anger, I now feel light, alive and confident.  You have been very professional and sensitive to my needs.” 

-  Anna

“Chiara assessed my initial state by understanding patterns and recognizing problems that I did not realize I had.   I was torn between, being what my parents wanted and what I wanted.  It created so much anxiety that I did not realize my day to day struggles were consumed by the tug of war going on between their expectations and what I wanted to be.  Before receiving my first session, I felt as though my life had been a big roller coaster and now the ocean felt calm and the stillness could be expressed.  My life now feels so calm, relaxed and I can think without effort or interference from others.” 

  -  Daniel

“Chiara is a highly intuitive and well-spoken Hypnotherapist. She is very easy to be with and to trust while in hypnosis. With Chiara, there is a knowledge that she holds no judgment of you and is only genuinely there to use her gift in order to improve your well-being, simply because it is what she loves to do. Chiara is truly a dazzling Light.”

- Ronda Stumbough, Wheatland, Wyoming

“Chiara, thank you for all your help in a time when I was feeling really miserable.  Hypnotherapy definitely helped me, so thank you for making the journey so easy.  Wishing you all the best.”

  1. -Taryn (and Gemini)

“Chiara I am deeply grateful for your gentleness, willingness and your ability to seamlessly adapt our sessions to my Level of understanding that I feel heals me - you have gently lead me to be reassured of my abilities and given me the tools to appreciate and acknowledge my purpose, usefulness, and contributions to the world in which I live - I am still growing towards the best I can be with your help and guidance - thank you Chiara.”

  1. - G J.

“I came to visit Chiara feeling depressed and angry about my life, my inability to achieve what I wanted whilst seeming to work soo hard for things and elusive happiness - after just 1 session with Chiara I felt as though there was a real breakthrough, after four sessions I feel really good and I am ready to start asking her to assist me with my favourite pet also - my life is different my life is better - I would highly recommend Chiara to anyone who is willing to use her delightful help to assist them to make the changes in their lives and simply have a better life - thank you Chiara - you really have made an enormous difference to me - love and blessings.”

  1. -Kim.

“Chiara is highly recommended for anyone looking to have hypnotherapy for any reason. She extremely skilled in many techniques and more that that she has a personality and a wonderful calming way with her voice and presence that immediately helps you to quickly go to the deepest levels of hypnosis. You will be very glad that you chose Chiara to help you help yourself.”

  1. -Deneen Tomayko

“I have been hypnotized by Chiara on multiple occasions and I find her hypnotherapy to be gentle, deeply effective and long lasting. Her approach is innovative and very lovingly presented. I would recommend sessions with her very highly. She is a creative and highly present for anyone lucky enough to be in her chair!”

- Sharmaine Collier


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