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Nowadays, we have all sorts of dietary advice, some conflicting and some that seems to work for a while.  People ask me why this is?  Well, there is no simple answer.  From my own experience what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  Statistics are good, they have their place and tend to show trends and patterns, however, the anomalies or those that are thought of as skewing the data are usually eliminated leaving only those which fall within the norms.   I think this idea is flawed.   It provides a single minded approach.  Don’t get me wrong I have great respect for scientists, their invaluable skills and a good scientific article, but I feel that we are limiting our knowledge and understanding by using only this process and not taking it one step further.  I believe that those so called anomalies are important.  The question to ask is why it has worked for the majority and not the others?  Yes, these may be influenced by what are called confounding factors (such as environment and the like), but are these showing us we are missing something in the grand scheme of things?

Therefore, I believe that one single modality or approach cannot provide all the results that we are looking for.  From personal experience a collection of modalities that resonate with the person is necessary to achieve well-being and balance.  Think about it like a spider’s web, the main strands are the basic scaffolding, however, without the small strands connecting these the web would be flimsy and fragile, eventually it would break.  So like the well structured web with fine connections between the main scaffolding good health requires the same.  Being human is not just being present in the body - that would be too boring!  If that was all  - where would the inspiration come from for creative works etc?  I believe the human being is multi-faceted and bringing all these factors mind, body and soul or spirit into balance is the key to becoming whole.

Nutrition falls neatly into the body category and as we go on you will see how everything is interconnected with the other - no one part of a being human can function without the other.  This is what they call the mind-body connection!  Nutrition is not just taking a piece of food or product ingesting it and that is the end of that.  The type, quality and origin of the food is important.  Contaminants such as heavy metals, pollution, chemicals all play a role in weakening the system and causing the body to be in a state of unbalance.  This places a great pressure on the filtration and elimination systems of the body and when the pressure builds up to the point where the body is unable to work fast enough it explodes and then disintegrates.  What I mean by that is degeneration begins to set in - the body deteriorates and as time goes on we think it’s just the aging process but actually our bodies are having to focus on staying alive and not flourishing.  The internal battle is to fight for survival, literally!

Allowing the body to flourish means that the mind and the spirit need to be aligned to work synergistically.  If the sub-conscious script is not aligned with what the person believes consciously this incongruency will manifest as conflict.  This is interpreted differently by the body compared to the mind.  The saying ancient body, modern mind fits very well here.  The body infers or acts out on what is implied by belief systems.  Let me give you an example a client came to me complaining of weight gain.  After an in depth discussion about her diet and the potential reaction foods; we found that even though her diet was considered “good” it was not what her body was crying out for.  She was not listening to her body’s signals.  It was signaling in subtle ways that what she was ingesting was actually causing the body to switch into the fear mode.  From an emotional perspective we discovered a secondary gain - she believed that if she lost weight she would be rejected by her peer group.  I asked her what she thought the fat layer of the body did from an inferential perspective - she realized she was putting a protective sheath around herself emotionally that had translated into a physical protective sheath in the form of fat.   Here we can see the mind-body connection working to the detriment of the person’s well-being.  Once this is understood and the belief reframed using hypnosis she was able to move forward into her true self.

When it comes to nutrition not every diet is good for every person, going back to basics about what the body really needs and how to allow the body to flourish is of utmost importance.  Understanding the reactive foods to avoid and also how to use foods to strengthen the body from the inside out is invaluable.  Understanding the body mechanisms even at a very basic level does assist in grasping the responsibilities we have for our health and how that plays into our relationship with food and our bodies.

Chiara has unique knowledge relating to nutrition (Quorum Nutrition™) and shares this knowledge with all those who seek to understand more about the body, the body-mind connection and why imbalances are present.  Coupled with hypnosis this forms a powerful scaffolding for which to begin connecting the intricate web that is health. 

This knowledge is well suited for those who want to learn about themselves connect with their bodies through mind-body balance. 

Each client is considered unique and is encouraged to find what resonates with them towards their physical well-being and balance.

As Dr Paul Yanick would say we all have an “inner physician”, and good health is about healing from the inside out!



What you don’t know counts!

The Price Pottenger Story

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“When you are observing  a glass of water, on some level the glass of water is observing you.”  Dr Fred Wolf.

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