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September 2015

Chiara is continuing with her research and studies.  Deepening her understanding of the relationship between probiotics and whether photons can measure subjectivity, through her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute for Human Science.

June 2015

Chiara is so proud to announce her speaking engagement at SER Talks - California Institute for Human Science.  She also presented at the ISSSEEM Science Symposium where she was awarded the Silver medal for Emerging Scientist.  Her talk was based on research showing whether Photons can Measure Subjectivity in Probiotics!

February 2015

Chiara will be appearing on KUSI with Sandy Lampe on Pet Patrol!  Watch us on the 7th of February 2015!  Learn about animal communication!  Click here to watch!

January 2015

Chiara is thrilled to announce she has developed two new websites!  One is dedicated to animal communication - www.wildvoicestalk.com and the other is dedicated to understanding animal and plant consciousness- www.thesocietyforanimalconsciousness.orgChiara launched the first Animal Communication Magazine in January 2015 - click here to view and subscribe!

Chiara will also be launching the Journal of Animal Consciousness end of January 2015!

Chiara will be unveiling the 3 treasures in 2015! - keep posted!

July 2014

Research into probiotics show that not all are the same and they are affected by intention - does this mean bacteria have subjectivity?  New preliminary research by Chiara Marrapodi and Dr Thomas Brophy at the California Institute for Human  Sciences.

May 2014

Chiara is also thrilled to announce the development of Inspiration Reel - she will be releasing inspirational bites.

April 2014

Chiara is thrilled to announce she has developed technique that allows you to communicate with your pets and other wild animals in a unique way!  Do you want to receive messages from your animals?  Do you want to know who your power animal is and how you can work together?  The Natural World has a lot more to say than we think - come and find out what they are saying and how they can enrich your life!

March 2014

Chiara is thrilled to announce she has begun a Naturopathic Health Coach Course with the American Council of Animal Naturopathy - once complete she will be a Certified Natural Animal Health Coach (Small Animal and Equine)!

January 2014

Chiara is delving into the knowledge of Hanna Kroeger and taking Hanna level 1.

Chiara is delighted to announce she is a Certified Nutritional Consultant through the American Association for Nutritional Consultants!

Chiara will be speaking at Bastyr University, San Diego on the 11th of February!  Topic is Hypnosis a Portal to our Past, Present and Future!  Excited!

Chiara is thrilled to announce her new office location at 2774 Jefferson Street, Carlsbad, CA 92208 - Pictures here!

November 2013

Chiara is running in-person and skype group meditations and guided imagery for the planet and humanity! - call her to set up one in your area!

October 2013

Chiara is excited to announce she has graduated and is now a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist!

August/September 2013

Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy is supporting local wildlife by donating a free QHHT session at the We Like it Wild Event hosted by Project Wildlife!

Chiara is very excited to announce her new office in Los Angeles!  10350 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 300, Los Angeles 90025.

Chiara is thrilled to begin her Masters degree in Integral Medicine with the California Institute of Human Science!

Chiara is attending the current workshop on Quorum Nutrition by Dr Paul Yanick.

July 2013

Chiara Marrapodi is attending the Subtle Energy Conference at the California Institute of Human Sciences, Encinitas, CA!  As an update to this Chiara had the pleasure of meeting Professor William Tiller and Dr Gary Schwartz!

January 2013

Chiara Marrapodi is continuing to add more insightful and interesting radio episodes  -  tune in here!

Chiara is attending Dolores Cannon’s Level 2 course in Arkansas end of January 2013.

Our new article has been published in the Healthy Times Newspaper - link coming here soon!

See the new video of Chiara on Lisa Machenberg’s Hypnosis Today TV show!

December 2012

Our first radio show will be live on the 5th of December 2012 at 2pm PT.  Visit our radio show here!

November 2012

Our new article on Self-Love is available here ReFlections of Self-Love.pdf!

Chiara delighted to announce the release of the first Dance of Soul Hypnotherapy video - you can find it on youtube at the following link!

Chiara Marrapodi has just published her article in the Nov/Dec edition of Healthy Times Newspaper San Diego click here to view it on page 10!

Chiara published an article on Naturalnews.com - watch this space. 

Chiara is very excited to announce her interview on Natural News Radio!  Recording is on the 15th of November 2012.

Chiara will be attending a course with Dolores Cannon in Rogers, Arkansas specializing in Dolores’ techniques for Quantum Healing Hypnosis using past life regression.  2012 is sure turning out to be a very interesting year!

October 2012

Chiara is attending Quantum Biology class with Dr. Tom Padikal from Centre For Vitality!

Chiara has been invited by HMI’s Hypnosis WebTV to appear on the Hypnosis Today show with Lisa Machenburg in Los Angeles!  Watch out for the new video post filming!

Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy™ will be hosting their very own radio show - keep you posted!

July 2012

Chiara will be attending a course in Quorum Nutrition™ by Dr Paul Yanick and the American Academy of Quantum Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Additionally, she will be attending the American Medical Naturopathic Association conference held at the same location during this time - exciting indeed!

May 2012

Chiara has updated her speciality certifications to include Past Life Regression!  Let’s explore other dimensions to your existence together!  It is an insightful and safe way to bring forth the insights of our past into our present.

Chiara is also in the process of developing some new programs for Give My Life Backand others involving the mind-body connection - stay posted!

Chiara published her first photography book showcasing her macro photography.  One quarter of all proceeds from this book will be donated to The Gorilla Foundation towards conservation of this Great Ape species.

Here is a preview:




Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2011 and recently appeared on Hypnosis Today with Lisa Machenburg!

We are developing a new program - Quantum Mind-Body Hypnosis -watch this space!

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