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We have all heard of Past Life Regression, some of us believe in reincarnation whole-heartedly, some sit on the fence and others completely dismiss it.  Either way when you truly experience it - you see a different side to yourself that was unimaginable.  It changes your life’s perspective.  It expands you.  Some people have described it as “a trip” or a “reuniting with themselves” or “a filling in the blanks” or a “remarkable” experience.  The story does not end there - there is a twist!

What if I told you, you could speak to the sub-conscious?  It is the seat of everything that you are, that you have been and it holds the keys to your future! It has an all encompassing knowledge that can give you the answers that you are looking for. 

Dolores Cannon developed a technique that does just that - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.  As you time travel you experience lifetimes that are purposeful and insightful.  The sub-conscious or higher-self understands you better than you think and gives you only what you can handle in a safe and comforting environment.  There is a reason you are reading these words right now!

Interestingly, what Dolores found was that the higher-self not only is able to answer the burning questions her clients had about their life purpose, their life paths, emotional and physical matters but also found that healing was possible.  Many individuals have received astounding healing during these sessions.  This technique accesses the information that is part of our collective consciousness and the knowledge retrieved has filled chapters of many books about humanity’s past, present and future.   

Dolores has since been teaching her technique all over the world and Chiara Marrapodi is proud to be a Dedicated Practitioner who has been trained by Dolores Cannon.  This truly is a momentous occasion both for our clients and for Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy.

Listen to Don Estes as he explains the science of what we are doing with QHHT from a Harmonic and Vibrational perspective 

“Magic happens in the space between conscious thoughts and the present moment” - Chiara Marrapodi

Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy and Chiara Marrapodi serves San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles in California.  Supporting transformation from the inside-out.  Allowing individuals to ReConnect with their true essence and find the spark within themselves - unfolding their hidden gifts!

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Julia and Dolores Cannon, Chiara Marrapodi and Candace Craw-Goldman QHHT Level 2

Dolores Cannon on What to Expect in a QHHT Session