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Know Chiara

Chiara Marrapodi (aka “The Great Communicator” by those who know her) completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honors) at the University of Queensland, Australia (Chiara is not a licensed Psychologist - this information is given for completeness only).  Additionally, completing the Diploma of Hypnotherapy with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).  HMI is known for Dr. John Kappas’ relationship strategies (E&P) and is the only Hypnosis school in America to be Nationally accredited.  HMI is also known for their behaviorist approach to Hypnosis bringing a set of unique skills to the hypnotic world, as a result it is sought after by famous celebrities based in Los Angeles, California.  Also completing a specialized Handwriting Analysis Diploma offered by HMI.  Chiara furthered her Hypnotherapy training at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute learning from Randal Churchill (Teacher of the Teachers™), famous for his “Become the Dream” technique and using Gestalt and Hypnosis.  Chiara is also a Level 2 Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Technique.  Chiara is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt.) and provides an eclectic approach to her practice; incorporating hypnotic techniques from some of the greats of our time!

Chiara specializes in (but is not restricted to) regression, childbirth, pain management, stress management, ADHD, immune disorders, emotional and physical well-being, child hypnosis, handwriting analysis, motivation, dream therapy, weight loss, self-esteem, smoking cessation, inner child work, past life regression, spirituality, hypnotic intimacy™, public speaking and athletic performance. 

Chiara has a penchant for research and is passionate about health and nutrition, how it affects the body and what real nutrition is all about.  She has attended multiple Quorum Nutrition™ workshops with Dr Paul Yanick, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and is a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.  Chiara has attended University classes in photography, chemistry, physics, anatomy, cell biology and creative writing.  Her dream is to guide and assist people to find the magnificent gifts within them!

Chiara has developed the Realizing Your Potential Program™, HypnoPranic™  Quantum Mind-Body Hypnosis™ and HypnoAmoureux™.  Call her to join these programs too!

Chiara runs in-person group and Skype meditations, imagery and guided visualizations to help the planet and humanity!

Chiara has recently published an article in the Nov/Dec edition of Healthy Times Newspaper San Diego click here on page 10!

Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy™ is associated with the Healing Touch Professional Association and the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.  Chiara is also a Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT technique.  We are committed to continuing education and research in the field of hypnosis, health and nutrition.  Attending various workshops, conferences and training courses offered by leading organizations in their respective fields to keep abreast of new and innovative ideas and techniques. 

Chiara has a thirst for knowledge with a unique ability to bring the facets of all she has learnt together demonstrating how the mind-body connection is the link towards overcoming deep seated issues in our lives.  She imbues her sessions with knowledge of energy healing, nutrition and hypnosis and offers a truly unique approach towards well-being.

From a personal perspective Chiara is creative and loves her family, nature, animals, music and professional dancing.  Her other passion is photography - showing the beauty in the mundane.  She specializes in macro and still life - looking at things from a microscopic level excites her creative buds.  She recently published her first photography book In Miniature- take a look!  Finally, she is the embodiment of her work!

Chiara’s passion for wildlife and conservation most especially Primates have taken her far afield.  In 2008 she travelled to Costa Rica to La Suerte Biological Field Station for three weeks to learn Advanced Primate Conservation.  During that time she conducted an observational study with wild Capuchin monkeys (under the supervision of Professor Paul Garber).  She was interested in understanding whether they showed laterality (preference for use of left or right hands).  She found no preliminary data to suggest Capuchin monkeys had any preferences. 

During her final year (honors) of University (2009) Chiara was privileged to undertake an observational study of captive Mother-Infant pair West Lowland Gorilla’s and Gibbon’s.  She was interested in understanding whether there was imitation between mother and infant with age progression.  Preliminary evidence suggested there may be potential for this in the Gorilla Mother-Infant pair but not in the Gibbon pair.  She hopes to continue understanding primate behavior and to further contribute towards Primate conservation.  Chiara recently published the above photography book (In Miniature) and is donating a quarter of the proceeds to The Gorilla Foundation.

Chiara founded Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy™ as a centre providing the opportunity to all those wishing to transform their lives; exploring their inner essence and harnessing their greatest potential.

She has developed the HypnoPranic™ technique and the Realizing Your Potential Program™ (RYP).

Chiara and Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy™ are committed to supporting you in  your search for inner transformation, strength, trust, peace and acceptance. 

We welcome you to discover facets of your inner self that will surprise you.





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