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When Smudge came into my life in 2006 my long standing dream of an animal companion was realized.  I had waited 6 years for another beautiful kitty in my life, due to living circumstances I could not have one before this.  When I first met her I knew she was not the most needy one of her litter.  There was a ginger kitten who seemed more in need, I felt pain in my heart for this tiny creature.  My husband was with me and he looked at me and said Chiara I have found the “golden gingie” - this is the one.  I looked at him and said she is beautiful but that little ginger one is in such pain.  He looked at me and said this is the one.  I wanted them both!!!! Why could I not save them all?  I had always had a strong connection to animals as a child.  I would pick up forlorn birds and creatures who were in need.  My family would say Chiara you will only get upset when it passes just let it go, but it was stronger than me.  Many did pass on but there were many who survived and I proved them all wrong!  As a 2 year old I would have wild birds sitting in my hands.

Smudge sat looking at us and meowed but nothing came out of her tiny mouth.  She opened and closed her little mouth and each time the gaping hole was silent.  I looked at her and saw she was so small and so thin.  She looked at me.  I picked her up and put her to my heart chakra - she was silent completely silent.  I knew this cat.  I knew her.  I said to my husband you are right she is the one.  I said a silent apology to the smaller ginger cat and told him he would have a good home soon that I couldn’t take two with me.  Smudge was silent all the while.  I put her into her new little cat box - she meowed - this time a beautiful meow could be heard.  I put my hand in and rubbed her head and told her that it was alright she was home now.  She fell silent for the whole trip - I had to check on her as I was worried something had happened.  To this day if she is frightened by unknown sounds and I tell her “it’s alright” she calms down immediately and feels safe.  She arrived in our small apartment and this little cat knew she was home! She was playing like a little kitten should, up and down the corridor she went.  Eventually she calmed down. 

I did not understand the importance of pure nutrition in those days - I call it the days when I was uneducated.  I fed her commercial food but she was not putting on weight.  I took her to the vet with concerns and told her I think she had parasites and conjunctivitis.  I was reprimanded and was told she had allergies and was fine.  She deteriorated that night and at mid-night I woke my husband up and said we needed to take her to emergency as she would die.  I knew it was close as her breathing had become very labored.  We travelled 30 minutes to get her to the closest emergency vet.  He found 3 different parasites and conjunctivitis.  She was given the necessary medications.  It was tough seeing her reactions to the terrible tasting medicine and eventually she would close her eyes so I could not put the antibiotic drops in her eyes!  It burned! :) 

In a few weeks she began to become herself.  She had so much energy!  Her coat was smoother her colors more vibrant!  Her eyes went from a yellow to a green!  I was so proud of her.  She was showing her true colors - literally!  She learnt so quickly.  She learnt Italian and English phrases and words.  I recognized she was the cat I had had 6 years before and had to leave behind - I was heart broken at the time.  She was very similar and we had a very strong connection.

At 6 months old I was told she needed to be spayed and we certainly did not want to have kittens - how would I be able to give them away?  I don’t think I could have and would want to keep them all.  I took her to a different vet thinking it would be better this time.  My intuition was not so convinced, I went ahead.  They spayed her and when I went to collect her I never saw a cat like it.  She had lost a lot of weight, was drawn and had lost hair above her eyes.  As soon as she heard my voice she began climbing the walls of her enclosure, meowing - in my head I could hear “I am here, I am here, get me out of here, get me out of here”.  The vet said they had not seen her for 2 days and was happy she was ok now that she was out in the enclosure.  I was very sad in my heart.  I had now twice not listened to my deep intuition believing that others knew best.  Smudge taught me that this is not so.  Over the next few months she deteriorated, I had to get necrotic tissue removed from her operative wound.  I was devastated.  After thousands of dollars no one could tell me what was wrong.  Her blood tests did not show any abnormalities but I knew my kitty was gravely ill - she had this look in her eyes.  She was having seizures under the bed and I did not know what to do. 

In the mean time I had been learning energy healing.  I began to use it on the cat.  After all I thought there would be no placebo effect with animals and I had nothing to lose.  I found out her liver and her pancreas felt like they were literally on fire.  Her intestinal system was impaired and she was bloated.   She would sit on my lap in pain and cry to me.  I decided to use energy healing and crystals to heal her slowly.  She used to push me away when it was too strong or she had had enough or I was using the wrong color.  I changed her diet kibble was her staple.  She was addicted to the sugar she was not happy but I persisted.  Eventually, I got her on a raw diet - what cat’s eat in the wild.  She began to flourish.  Using kinesiology and my intuition I used homeopathy, bach flowers and chinese medicine (in consultation with the local chinese doctor and homeopath) for her recovery.  Again, I thought placebo would not be a factor as she was an animal - what did I have to lose?  After many months, the seizures stopped, she had green eyes again and is the most adorable little cat I have ever seen.  Her fur was soft.  She began to become excited about life and it seemed she was more relaxed in her body.  I decided to try liquid minerals for animals as a long term supplement.  It was so funny they were quite dark.  She liked to have her water with her food or would not drink.  She would use her left paw to pick the meat out of the bowl and eat it off her her claws!!!  When she saw the dark minerals in her bowl she was not impressed.  She tried them and has had them ever since.  It’s been 4.5 years that she is on the minerals.  She is the best I have ever seen her.  You can see her picture as a kitten in 2006 (right) and today - there is a real transformation.  Her fur is no longer just soft - it’s silky soft and her colors are truly vibrant.  She talks a lot!   Her meow is strong, melodic and she is a true beauty!

She is the inspiration to me each and every day and I learn from her.  The greatest lessons so far are to listen to my intuition, that not all experts are similar and that we are more capable that we think we are.  Finally, she keeps me grounded and often reminds me of the most important things - love and living life!  She communicates what she needs and what I can do to evolve.  I always call her my master teacher!


For the Love of Life

Smudge is Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy’s mascot.  She is the inspiration for Chiara’s journey towards realizing her own potential and for pushing through life’s limitations.  She is a champion for all animal species.

Energy Healing

Animal Communication

Animals are truly remarkable.  They often take on the personality of their owners (Smudge is a clear mirror of me!).  

I often use the presence of pets during hypnosis.  We share a special bond with our companion animals.  They have specific and unique messages that support and nourish us deeply.

If a client would like to communicate with their beloved companion or one who has passed please contact us.

Interestingly, Rupert Sheldrake is renowned for his research of telepathy between pets and their owners.  Our animals are sensitive beings that know more than we think they do.

Chiara has developed a technique allowing you to communicate with your animals and the rest of the Natural World using hypnosis!  You won’t receive this experience anywhere else!  Contact us.

Animals are sensitive to energy.  Indeed, it is said they have a sixth sense.  They also tend to heal their owners (Smudge has done this on a regular basis).  That is perhaps the reason we see animals with the same problems we humans have.  This is compounded by environmental hazards and unnatural nutrition we give our pets filled with additives and preservatives.

Energy healing allows us to nurture them during a time of need.  Often they will know when they have received enough and will move away.  I offer private energy consultations for your pet upon request.

There is so much we can learn from our furry companions. 

Disclaimer:  Pranic Healing is not a medical diagnostic tool nor does it offer a cure, it is a compliment to the allopathic approach, all medical questions and diagnosis to be directed to an allopathic or holistic veterinarian.  The author advocates all animals should be under the care of a qualified veterinarian.  All modalities mentioned on this web page are for research purposes only and are not to be construed as veterinary advice.  These have been the experiences of the writer and her pet alone and have been written from the point of view of a researcher and reporter.  By interacting with this web page you acknowledge this and accept that the writer is exempt from all and any liability, you use information on this page completely at your own risk.

All material Copyright  ©Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy™ 2014.  All rights reserved

Smudge as a kitten - 2006

Smudge 2011

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France.

“The greatest gift we can offer our companions is to listen to them and give them what they need and not what we think they need”. Chiara Marrapodi

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